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Dive Trip to Grande Island

The dive site is located near the Old Jetty of Grande Island. This Island is under the command of Indian Navy and visitors are not allowed on the Island. Depth – 2-6 m Bottom Contour – Sandy patch near the Jetty, rest of the area are with rocks and gravels. Currents and surges are minimal. Due to a variety of vegetation nudibranchs are seen here. Several varieties of coral and fish endemic to tropical reefs are abundant. Shrimp Gobies make their home around the sandy patches.

Starting from
INR 5,000
1 Day
Departure schedule
On request


Grande Banks – This dive site is located near the intersection of Sao George and Grande Island. Depth – 4-8 m Bottom Contour – Rocky and silt bottom with some patches of sand. A group of rocks are exposed in the center of the site. Whip corals, table corals are every where. Groupers, Butterfly fish, Banner fish, Puffers, Bleny are common among a multitude of marine life.

Bounty Bay – This dive site is located north of Grande Island. Depth – 4-8 m Bottom Contour – Rocks, sands and gravel with rocky ridges. Lobsters, crabs, trigger fish, peacock groupers are common. Sting Rays are seen here.

Shelter Cove – Located north east of Grande Island. Depth – 4-6 m Bottom Contour – Rocks, sands and gravel . A channel along the rocks makes this dive site interesting.You go down the channel timing with the surge and suddenly you are amidst thousands of fish. In the sandy patch squid and cuttle fish come to mate and laying their eggs. The sandy patch is perfect setting to carry out open water training.

Suzy’s Wreck – SS Rita sank near Grande Island around 1950’s . The bow section is near the South west of Grande Island. The stern broke and settled some 600 ms away, a site called Davy Jones Locker. Depth – 10-13 m. The wreck is now in pretty broken up condition. As with every wreck, fish like to hang around. Big groupers make their home inside the hold. Scorpion fish are seen on the deck and railings.

Sail Rock – Located about 1 km south west of Grande Island is a fin like rocky projection. Depth – 16-24 m Bottom contour – Rocky pinnacle with shelves, current and surge is normally present. Fish life is amazing here. Barracudas generally come and check you out. Red Snappers, blue ringed angers, Red tooth triggers, Groupers abound this site.

Umma Gumma Reef – Located about 0.6 km south east of Grande Island . Depth – 10-14 m Bottom contour – Rocky Channels . Current and surge is normally expected. It is an interesting site due to its underwater features. If current is present you need to plan your exit point carefully.


  • Rental equipment
  • Two dives
  • Snacks on Boat
  • Dive Leader


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